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TopFIND 4.0
TopFIND 4.1
The public knowledgebase for protein termini and protease processing

A Comprehensive Knowledgebase

331,278 natural and neo N- and C- termini and 35,044 protease cleavage sites listed
UniProt release used: 2019_07
MEROPS release used: 12.1

Covers H. sapiens, M. musculus, R. norvegicus, S. cerevisiae,
A. thaliana, E. coli, C. elegans
and D. rerio

What TopFIND Provides

Integration of protein termini & function with proteolytic processing, alternative transcription & translation.

Displays proteases and substrates within their protease web including detailed evidence information

TopFINDer automates analysis and functional annotation of proteomics-derived termini sets

PathFINDer identifies indirect protease-substrate connections for the evaluation of complex processes


Submit your N- or C-termini datasets

Contribute information on protein cleavages

Provide detailed experimental description, sample information and raw data