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TopFIND 4.0
TopFIND 4.1
The public knowledgebase for protein termini and protease processing

A Comprehensive Knowledgebase

331,278 natural and neo N- and C- termini and 35,044 protease cleavage sites listed

Covers H. sapiens, M. musculus, R. norvegicus, S. cerevisiae,
A. thaliana, E. coli, C. elegans
and D. rerio

What TopFIND Provides

Integration of protein termini & function with proteolytic processing, alternative transcription & translation.

Displays proteases and substrates within their protease web including detailed evidence information

TopFINDer automates analysis and functional annotation of proteomics-derived termini sets

PathFINDer identifies indirect protease-substrate connections for the evaluation of complex processes


Submit your N- or C-termini datasets

Contribute information on protein cleavages

Provide detailed experimental description, sample information and raw data